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We created AIRSPORTAL to help travellers to discover local sports and activities.
To do so we want to develop a great product to support the sharing of sport equipment, help travellers and listers to manage the exchange with the best terms for everyone, and in total safety for the equipment itself.
A great community relies on its members, and we would love to listen to YOUR experience and share it with everybody so that all travellers in your area can see how and where to practise the best local sports in the best locations.
Nobody knows better than locals right?
So why not share on AIRSPORTAL how amazing it is to ride by bike in your city, or go skating in your neighbourhood?
What makes surfing so special in that beach near your house?
why is this experience unique and different from any other place in the world?
Where is the best place to practise a sport in your area?
Finally, what  would you suggest to travellers to help them to get the most enjoyment out of the sports you love in your city or area?
As AIRSPORTAL ambassador these are the main benefits for you:
  • Publishing rights: beside listing and renting sport equipments on AIRSPORTAL, you will get your personal space to talk about your favourite sport and how you enjoy it in your area. Share the most you can, this information could be like gold for other travellers
  • Community guide: meet new people and became a guru for everything related to your favourite sport in your area
  • Social media engagement: you'll have the possibility to share your others social profiles (twitter, facebook etc...), to encourage people to join the conversation via all possible social networks. Being an AIRSPORTAL ambassador will raise YOUR personal visibility on the web. 
  • Events: assist travellers to be aware of any sport related event happening in your city, including events you organise.
  • Posting contents as an ambassador is truly invaluable for all the community, and we would be happy to reward you by  decreasing the commissions on every item you list on AIRSPORTAL. Instead of 10% commission, AIRSPORTAL will keep only 5%
Because our ambassador program is developed to support our community of travellers, publishing YOUR content can't just be an advert for YOUR kit or for your own personal business or activity! You will need to tell us about sport activities in YOUR area.
All contents will be checked by us before going public.
Welcome ambassador !
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